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Sokobanja (spa in Serbia)

In the east of Serbia, between the beautiful mountains- Rtanj and Ozren, there is Sokobanja.


The name was given to Soko city – a medieval fortress that lies on the river Sokobanjska Moravica.

Sokobanja is the oldest spa in Serbia. The characteristics are- the preserved tradition, the natural way of life, ethno art, thermal springs, and peace.

The spa is more than suitable for a peaceful life, filled with spirituality, art and nature.

Since it’s about spa, there are programs and therapies that it offers. The Velnes program offers swimming in the famous authentic Turkish bath called “Amam” (with the possibility of using the original bath where the great Prince Knez Milos once ,,rejuvenated,,), sauna, hydromassage, hand massage, swimming pool, walking paths of health, pearl bath …

Sokobanja is rich termomineral sources with temperatures ranging from 28 ° C to 45,5 ° C, so it is recommended that patients with chronic rheumatic and degenerative diseases, chronic hapatitis, various injuries, sciatica, etc. First of all, Sokobanja belongs to aerial spas, clean air and gas radon with favorable ionization, are good for bronchial asthma. Since there is no industry or any other polluting technology in Sokobanja, it is rightly called “the best air spa in Serbia”. Any visitor who, for a day or two, comes to visit or stays in this wonderful environment, will sense the magic of mild inhalation.

Soko Banja is a combination of ethno life, wild nature, as well as cultural, spiritual and modern events. Her visitors have always been the greats of Serbian culture and art, such as: Branislav Nusic, Stevan Sremac, Isidora Sekulic, Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric, Mesa Selimovic …

Vacation, regeneration, inspiration in one word – Sokobanja.

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