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Palermo Trip Part Two

Hello, everyone!  this is new for me, so be patient.  Our family has just returned from a week long trip to Palermo, Italy.  We stayed at a villa in Mondello right next to the beach.  We all had a great time and enjoyed every moment of the trip possible.

Just a beautiful place to stay!  All the doors were eight feet tall with stained glass windows in every door.  The floors all had a special tile which was made in Palermo.  Bright colors in the kitchen and softer colors all around the rest of the apartment.

The Santa Maria della Cantena was built in 1490 and opened in 1520.  It was built right along the original city walls that Palermo has outgrown over time.  Normally, the chapel is closed.  We were fortunate to have come when it was open for a lovely wedding.  We were welcome to explore in peace and take some photos at leisure.  Pictures can only describe the chapel, the feeling of entering the chapel is amazing to say the least.

This is one of the more simple chapels in Palermo, but just as grand to me.  I am in love with Palermo! Legend has, that this is a sanctuary for women seeking guidance and healing from Mother Mary.  If you approach her with an open heart, she will listen to your requests and give guidance from above.  I do not remember where I had read this and failed to make notes as I normally do.

I love the romance of legends from folklore.  It is a lovely concept to receive blessings from the Holy family. I have not been a very faithful church attendee, but i still have most of my faith remaining somewhere deep down to be touched with hope that even I could be brought to a higher understanding of life and dreams and the wisdom to know the difference of desires and needs.

Sunday was the sailboat tour, we had stopped to get breakfast close to the Chapel.  I had observed the location and noticed that it was closed.  There were no signs informing of the hours of operation, so at first I had assumed it was closed permanently.  I managed to get a couple of photos before rushing to get breakfast.

There is way too much for one sitting to say!  We had a great time learning about this chapel.  It was carefully restored to the current condition and will remain a classic beauty for many more centuries to come.


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