Let’s have a walk trough the desert, shall we?

It was a magical experience but at the same time really difficult. I can’t imagine how people get used to live there. Life is so tough and even the simple things like getting water to drink seem to be pretty hard over there.

Walking trough the desert at 5 am in the morning when it’s obviously still dark outside it’s definitely an interesting experience that I will never repeat in my life. It even started to rain and I’m glad I didn’t catch a cold.

Anyway the basic idea is that such things get you thinking and make you appreciate much more what you already have.


What do you think?

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  1. Probably an experience you don’t want to have again, yet something that could teach you a thing or two. Indeed, sometimes we tend to forget to appreciate the the little things that we have everyday.
    Great post, Alina.

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