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Is this the sign of times to come for the high streets?

It was in the news recently that the Beales chain of department stores had called in the administrators.  Beales took over the Palmers store in 2018.  But on 21st January I saw a notice in the shop window that the store had gone into administration and that it will be closing, unless a buyer can be found.  This is extremely sad news for the local people of Great Yarmouth.  Sad for a number of reasons.  The Palmers store has been in Great Yarmouth since 1837.  But now covering 3 floors, this is going to leave such an empty hole in the town.  Not only that, but when you think how long the store has been here, it is very sad that after all these years it’s come to this.

I remember when the store celebrated their 200th birthday, and Prince Charles visited the town to help commemorate this.  I went to see him and got some good photographs day.  A lot of people have commented on the reasons why this has come to this.  I think the main reason is the change in shopping habits – what with the likes of Amazon and online shopping nowadays.  But there are also other factors worth considering.  People are saying that the Councils charge too much rent and business rates and these shops struggle to keep afloat.  Whatever the reason, a lot of people are very upset with this news, and a lot of people will lose their jobs as a result.

Here is a link to the story in the local newspaper.

Palmers/Beals store closure


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