Images of London

London is a wonderful city and I have over the years collected hundreds of images from my trips there.

1. You will see based on some of the early pictures in this collection, are taken with my cellular phone. The issue a cellular phone camera has is low light.

2. Night pictures require a better camera. See number 1.

I can say, the many times I have been to London, that I have always enjoyed the city. I do carefully mind the gap when I get on the subway.

I do also, eat a lot of Indian Food in London. Because English food is bland and I love Indian food. Although I do love a good pint of bitters and a Bangers and Mash.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

sometimes you take pictures and later you don't know what they are.

Car and well nothing else.

You can make out an image but not so good

London at night, needed a better camera.


London Buses!

Near where we were staying, beyond these gates like Buckingham Palace!

Mostly of the pigeon...

Buildings of London...

Buildings of London...

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