Morgus, E006, ‘Green Dragon Shield’ part 2


Episode 006, Green Dragon Shield 

September 24, 2017

Our serial series is set in Kenneth Shumaker’s medieval fantasy realm of Quantos. We find the Apprentice Mage Morgus is out from the Mage’s University and on his one-year walk-about before he returns for his journeyman certification test on Autumn 50 of Pine, during the reign of King Regeanus III in the royal city of Mount Oryn’s South State district. Our intrepid hero, with a checkered past, is an attractive thirty-three-year-old human Jalnoric male with a bold personality and is determined to survive his walk-about year at any cost, even if it means snuggling in and working with nobility.

Autumn 79 Unicorn

Following Hez, together Morgus and the cleric journey to the wooden structure that is the Imvor hostel, arriving nearly half-an-hour later.

Introducing Morgus to a Jalmal acolyte, Hez steps aside.

Trying not to be too intimidating, Morgus says, “Gods-grace good priest Frise, I’m Mage Morgus of Baron Hessan’s estate. We’re in need of priests for the estate. Would you be interested in residing with us?”

Grumbling, Frise shakes his head then he says, “I’ll not work for a noble.”

Undeterred, Morgus tries again, “If I pay you a Dyns a day?”

Frise walks away.

Next, Hez introduces Morgus to a thirty-year-old Jalfem named Loura.

Cheerful in tone, Morgus greets her. “Greeting priestess Loura, how fare you?”

Smiling politely, Loura responds. “Good fate Master Morgus, Imvor’s blessings unto you. I fare greatly, though poor of funds. Would you spare some coins?”

Seeing that Loura is practical and in need, Morgus responds, “If I pay your debt, plus offer you a wage of a Dyns per day, will you work for my Baron Hessan?”

Immediately extending her arm, Loura grins, saying, “Indeed … yes.”

Before clasping arms, Morgus asks, “How large is your debt here?”

Thinking a moment, Loura then says, “I believe I owe the priory 0.11 coin.”

Smiling gleefully, Morgus clasps arms with her, saying, “Gather your things and meet with me in the front foyer.”

As she walks away, Morgus says to Hez, “I would like one more priest. How large is your debt here, Hez?”

Bashfully, Hez responds, “0.17 coin. Let’s see if Hon will join us.”

Greeting the over forty-years-old Jalmal, Morgus says, “Gods-grace, good fate priest Hon. How fare you?”

Bowing to Morgus, Hon then responds, “Imvor’s-grace Master Morgus, please, a correction – I’m not a priest. I’m merely an acolyte of Imvor. I’ve been a captive recruit of the temple and hostel for over eight years. I’d leave, but I can’t afford to pay out my debt.”

Serene, Morgus nods, saying, “If I pay out your debt and Baron Hessan pays you a wage of one Dyns per day, will you come with me today?”

Hon’s eyes leak with tears as he bows. Kneeling, he says, “Yes! Please, Master Morgus. Anything to leave here!”

Chuckling, Morgus then respectfully utters, “Fetch your things and meet me in the front foyer right away.”

After clasping arms with Morgus, Hon rushes away.

Modestly turning to Hez, Morgus says, “Take me to the office of the headmaster.”


Several minutes later, in the headmaster’s office, Morgus faces the tall, heavy, century-old Jalfem in the dank room lit by only one candle. He says to her, “Headmaster Chou, I’d like to pay out the debts of the acolytes Hon and Loura, as well as for Cleric Hez, purchasing their services for Baron Hessan’s estate.”

Gruffly, Chou looks through her tomes for records of the three. Then, she makes some rough calculations on her old chipped grey slate. Finished, she looks up at Morgus and grumpily says, “3.57 coin for that to happen, Master Morgus.”

Expecting to be paying less than a Flair, Morgus suspects she is charging a discharge fee for each. Considering the future, and that Morgus wants the good graces of the hostel and the Temple of Imvor, Morgus hands her four Flairs, as he smiles and cheerily says, “Keep the extra; don’t fret about change. Consider it a personal donation from me.”

With over four Dyns in donation, which is more generous than most of her patrons, Chou carefully and with precise facts, crafts three discharge documents, correcting the account tomes carefully. With the first smile she has granted in several six-days, Chou hands Morgus the three documents, and she firmly says, “Thank you, Mage Morgus. Please, if there is anything we can do for you, let me know. Come back anytime.”

Seeing how much his goodwill meant to Chou, Morgus silently lays another Flair on her desk. He takes the documents and standing he moves to leave. Before exiting the room, he turns back, noticing the glistening of extra moisture in Chou’s eyes. Morgus says, “May you be blessed, Matron Chou. Thank you for your service and good will.” Turning, Morgus casually walks out and fetches his three priests. They begin the walk home to Hessan manor.


Arriving home about half-an-hour after gods-set, Morgus smiles and greets Ada.

Later at the meal table, he introduces the three priests, and then he says, “I would like clean clothing and baths for the three tonight. Hez is assigned to a single room, as Hon and Loura sleep in the bunks, as per our agreement. They will start working tomorrow after everyone attends Imvor services performed by Hez an hour before gods-rise. Ada, may I suggest Hez work with Henden? Perhaps, Hon should work with you, and Loura should work with Fen. Let’s see how that works out, as I think those jobs appear to be where their skills lie.”

Gruffly shrugs, Ada says, “I’ll consider your opinion. But I’ll assess their strengths myself as we settle them in tonight. For now, everyone sit and dish up a plate of food. Eat, you will be working hard tomorrow.”

Autumn 80 Unicorn

In frustration, slamming the desk hard with his fist, Morgus hastily looks around his office. He has invested five hours into researching the spell, ‘locate object’ and he seems to be going the same direction he went last time, with only a couple minor tweaks. These changes might mean the difference in his success, but he needs to take a break from researching.

I need to find an old friend … I had a couple of local friends. Harol lived an hour north. I’ll go and see if he still lives there.’ Morgus dresses for traveling, and he gathers his quarterstaff. Then, Morgus departs Hessan Manor, walking briskly north on Drescol Street to go to 889.

Continued in E006, ‘Green Dragon Shield’ Part 3

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