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I think I am addicted…. (part 1)

I think I am addicted to hiking.. Is that even a thing? It sure feels like an addiction. 

When I am not hiking I am thinking about hiking, planning my next trip or adventure. I can’t wait until my days off so I can get back at it. I can now hike all day long with just a few breaks along the way. I also find myself wanting to do more. I want to do a multi day hike and camp along the trail. I think I am about ready. I still need a few things, like a good sleeping bag, I have my tent already. It only weighs 3 pounds, I got lucky and found one at a second hand store, brand new! I love finds like that. 

So, about this hiking addiction. I actually looked it up to see if you can become addicted. And yes you can, but it is a really good addiction with so many benefits. It can become psychologically addictive, and maybe more. 

Runners experience a runners high.  This is when strenuous exercise takes a person over a threshold that activates endorphin production. Hikers also feel the same high! 

The day after Thanksgiving with bellies still full, my son and I decided we would hike a piece of the Pacific Crest Trail, this area is one or two days away from the Southern Terminus of this trail that leads from Mexico to Canada. 

 The trees around here are just now starting to turn colors. It is really a pretty time of year. 

This is one of my hiking partners.. Meika is a wolf mix, and is always up for a good hike! 

My other hiking buddies, Luna (black) and Penny (tan). 

Meika is always cautious around barbed wire. A few years ago, she ran through one, it snapped, but caused a huge gash in her shoulder. Now she knows better, she will go under. 

I kept smelling what smelled to me like fabric sheets straight from the dryer. Then I found it. The light sage green bushes smelled so clean and fresh. 

Close up of the unidentified bush. The trail went right through these for miles. It was an incredible smell. 

We then came to an old creek bed, or wash area. Can you see Meika? 

My son waits for me, this is where we will have lunch. Doesn’t take him long to get way ahead of me..

Water still flows under the ground here. Providing these pretty trees with much needed water. 

PCT is written on an old tractor tire. It was almost as big as I am. 

After a turkey sandwich lunch, we sat here for about an hour, just watching the dogs have fun, relaxing and taking pictures. 


More of Luna. 😉 

I call for Meika, Luna’s ears point to the direction that she thinks she will be coming from. Sure enough, she showed up ready to head out. 

Thank you for joining me in part one of my addiction.. More to come soon! 

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