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Coming down out of Los Padres National Forest on Forest Road 95 which has various other names, but is one of the most beautiful scenic roads in California, the road to the left in this photo goes to Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge.  In spring the fields are covered with wildflowers.  In the hot August sun all the creatures I saw driving through this huge reserve were birds and butterflies, but it was still a delightful drive.

Unfortunately, smoke from many forest fires marred the horizon and although it was still majestic one can only imagine how magnificent this road through the forest would be on a clear day.  Aside from the smoke and the fact that none of the state or federal workers I spoke with earlier had ever been on Road 95, the only other down side is that the area is so remote that there is no wifi for hundreds of miles.  Near the small town of New Cuyama the little “x” over  my phone’s bar meter turned to an “R” but it was hours more of driving before a normal signal appeared.

I had intended to camp on the beach in the State Park near Pismo Beach, but when I got there a long line of people were being turned away because of a high tide warning.  What looked like hundreds of people had tents pitched  on patches of grass here and there along Hwy 1.  I was glad to find another place to stay.


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