Holiday in Dubai: from the glowing skyscrapers to golden desert mirages

It seems that the motto of Dubai, the city of gold and the greatness – nothing is impossible.The country surpasses any imagination. On the one hand, one can still feel the thrill of a legendary one-thousand-one night fairy tale and regain wonders as in a childhood. On the other hand, it’s impossible not to admire the ambition of a young country and all the largest and other objects. Man-made canals, islands, parks, or air taxi visions overtake time and expand any imaginable boundaries. It seems that sheikhs, who control the country, not only has a lot of money, but also a wand that helps to make any dreams come true.

This enormous city has everything you need for even the most intriguing traveler. There is apparently no limit to the dynamism of Dubai – it’s growing and growing, so it’s worth everyone to see it.


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