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Finland in different facts

Finland has regularly topped international rankings – the most stable country in the world (Fragile States Index), the highest level of press freedom (the World Press Freedom index), the greenest country in the world (Environmental Performance Index), etc.

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Finns like to sing karaoke songs. When I traveled to Finland, I heard a lot of Finnish songs and Russian songs of the Soviet era (“Moscow Nights” and so on) in their performance.

Suomi = wonderful nature, healthy lifestyle, calmness and calmness!

July in Finland is a real month of strawberry! It sells everywhere.

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Finnish public transport is always on time & a passenger-friendly.

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Something from my dad’s memories. Three Finnish moments that amazed him in 60-80-ies (USSR Time) – very good quality of Finnish furniture and some other goods, Finnish analyzer for determining the amount of gold in the rock, and, of course, the great difference between Finnish and Soviet way of lives.

Something from my family travel memories:

Also it’s necessary to mention well-known fact – very high level of Finnish education.

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And finally something about Finnish cottage rest – great nature and silence!


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  1. I have always admired the Scandinavian countries for their quality of life and focus on what’s good for the people. I just watched the other day a documentary contrasting the Finnish prison system with the American. It’s easy to see that in Finland, the goal is to protect the public by giving prisoners the means to be productive in society. This is what rehabilitation in all countries should be geared towards.


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