Top 10 popular sights to see in France

Paris and its famous symbols the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees. The charming French province of Loire Valley, Alsace, the emerald Atlantic coast, the dreamy Provence and the trendy French Riviera resorts. Gourmet delights include oysters and other seafood, French cheeses, as well as tasting wines of the Bordeaux and Loire Valley and gourmet cognac.

Mountain sports enthusiasts go to the Alps each year to ski or otherwise enjoy the mountains. In the summer, there are many hobbyists who are ready to go to the beautiful mountains. However, be prepared for the mountains, have comfortable shoes and clothes, a backpack, warmer clothes. Sometimes you need a flashlight and raincoat.

The people of the France are proud of their country and usually they very strongly defend their culture. Sometimes you can hear that the inhabitants of this country are chauvinistic enough, since they are not bothered to speak any language other than French. However, whatever it is, everything depends on your attitude and intentions.


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