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Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

During the time of the Berlin Wall (1961-89) there were three checkpoints where people from West Berlin could cross over to the East – Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Charlie was the best known as it marked the link between the American and Russian zones.

A reconstruction of the checkpoint is now one of the most visited places in Berlin, along with the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the remains of the Wall.

This is a problem, because the Checkpoint is in the middle of a busy city street, with traffic trying to get past on both sides. Getting to see the Checkpoint devoid of crowds of people is not easy!

Everyone wants to be photographed in front of the Checkpoint!

Even in mid-October there were plenty of people wanting to take it in turns to be photographed in front of the sandbags and commemorative plaque. Very frustrating if you just want to see it without somebody standing in your way!

The notice is in English, Russian and French - with German in small print at the bottom!

The commemorative plaque

I got to see the plaque eventually!


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