Can You List Thailand’s Very Important Things?


This is Thailand’s very important things.


First, the King is very important (and the army which protects the King and actually governs Thailand at the moment and also into the foreseeable future).


Second, the family.


Third, the Buddha.


Fourth, Thailand itself (and logically national pride).


Fifth, personal pride in self (hence, losing face means trouble!).


Sixth, money.

There will be others but these seem to dominate the general Thai psyche.

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Written by Jonathan Finch


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  1. Really happy you guys and gals liked this piece. I’m sitting in the front room with 32 degrees C. on the therm. Hot, humid & not too much rain to take us into the cooler months – Nov., Dec…. Thanks again, & I hope to post a piece about life with my Thai partner and her granddaughter shortly but it’s really about how babies try to make sense of life!!!

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