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A Beautiful Summer Place In Sweden You Should Visit

I arrive last month in Sweden together with my family. After few days, I receive a call from a friend in Thailand who’s working now near Mariestad. I knew him for a long time. He is also a musician, and I work with him back in Thailand. So, he called me to come to Mariestad for jamming and party.

Mariestad is quite far from our place where we live. We live in the South called Kristianstad, about 4 hours from Mariestad by train. So, I went there last Friday, it was not my first time, but it’s my first time to brought my Yuneec electric skateboard. I also brought my drone as well cuz I thought would be nice to make a short film about this little town. I had a good time exploring this town, and a great party too. I met a lots of new people and friends there, and tasted the Mariestad beer. I was also jamming with my great musician friend in his gig at Sand restaurant. Our friend Andreas offered me a room to stay for 2 nights.

All in all – great people, great food and amazing town. Now I’m back to my family, and missed them so much. Watch the video I made, I just wanna share it with you guys.

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