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5 Famous sites with lookalikes that can be visited for free

The world is filled with amazing locations, some of which are man-made. Below are 5 glorious and  popular sights we know and love. But do you know about their 5 alternative areas, as good as their overhyped twins?

Let’s see:

#1 Colosseum and Pula Arena

One of the most recognizable and famous places in the world has been the Colosseum. But do you know about its exact copy in Croatia?

#2 Notre-Dame de Paris and Amiens Cathedral

Both gothic churches are located in France and almost look exactly the same. While Notre-Dame is located in Paris, Amiens Cathedral is located in the north of the country. But, how does Notre-Dame rise to fame? Its popularity was increased when Victor Hugo wrote a novel about a gypsy named Esmeralda. Although the cathedral in Amiens can not be popular, you can visit it anytime of the year with less tourists.

#3 Angkor Wat and Borobudur

Until recently, Angkor Wat was a rejected Buddhist temple. Today this Temple become a well-known place and tourists from around the world enjoy the architecture of the temple every day, exploring its territories in search of enlightenment. However though it's beautiful, the ancient temple of Borobudur in Indonesia does not see many tourists.

#4 Golden Gate Bridge and 25 de Abril Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic Bridge in the world. But you do not have to travel around the world because there are many bridges like this magnificent bridge. One such bridge is located in Portugal.

#5 Big Ben and Parliament Hill

Looking at Parliament Hill you could think it was London. The peace tower looks like Big Ben. It's a lovely place to wander around. Payable admission but no queuing time.

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Written by Jack Webber

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  1. Fun post, Jack. I’ve visited the colloseums in both Rome and Pula, and I must agree that the Croatian was was a lot less stressful!
    However I don’t know where you got the information about Angkor Wat and Borobudur. In fact the latter is Indonesia’s most popular tourist attraction and gets around 4 million visits a year, compared to about 1 million for the Cambodian site 🙂

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