Who is Jack Parsons?

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Jack Parsons started technology. He also worshipped Satan.

Satanic hand gestures are often promoted by cartoon characters as well as various celebrities as a cool gesture, although I have been aware of them since elementary school in the 70s. But I was told the satanic hand gestures meant either “I love you” or “bullshit.” I still didn’t take them seriously when I was a kid, but I still felt it meant something stupid and satanic, even though I was guessing back then.

They use numbers and sequential numbers to perform their magic, such as 3, 33, 333, 11, 22, 11:11, and other sequential numbers, which have to do performing certain acts. I noticed that many celebrities died on sequential digital dates and times. 

Disney movies are filled with witches, demons, and Baphomet. I have noticed that since the 70s.

Aleister Crowley wrote the satanic bible. And, many celebrities follow Satanist Anton Levay.


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