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Internet addiction

 I have an internet addiction. Probably like many. I just physically feel like I am suffocated by the time I waste, constantly increasing the abundance of information. I try to structure my work time, I set my agenda carefully, I try to change my habits. Replace one addiction with another, says theory. But I do not want addictions.

As Don Quixote looked at windmills, so my great-grandparent skeptically looked at cars. Said: Nothing will change horse and carriage.

Progress and accompanying phenomena such as the Internet, less privacy, less and less direct communication, ever-increasing flow of information, and less sincerity, are unavoidable. Fighting and resisting are pointless. It already is. However, it is possible to live perfectly with it and it does not interfere.

Because it always will be here. Only some go and pass, and others deadly need it.

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