Weather stations, wireless networks and adjustments…

I spend a lot of time looking at, considering, evaluating and sharing information about weather. In part that is because as an avid boater, the weather has a huge impact. But 98% of the reasoning is that my father also loved weather gadgets. I inherited that love of weather gadgets from him. I have posted some time-lapse videos on my YouTube Channel. I suspect because I am a snot for the most part, that my title Yesterday’s Weather is not very nice. It is easier to project what Yesterday’s weather did than it ever could be to project the nearly infinite possibilities of today’s weather let alone tomorrow’s.

Consideration for weather stations is the connection. Recently I had to move my Bloomsky as it lost the connection to my wifi network. That in part is my issue. I intentionally acted created a wifi network for weather stations (I have the two Bloomsky and NetATMO). I didn’t go and purchase a high-end wireless router; I just got the cheap one. My rationale being I wasn’t going to secure the network and was only attaching weather devices to it.

(With the mentioned Fingbox product I can knock anything off that network that isn’t either of my weather devices). I segmented the network further than I had before. I had to move the Bloomsky closer because of my router choice. I did, however, and still don’t want to have an unsecured network broadcasting way away from my house. You can see my weather network from the front of the house, but you could connect if you stood by the back of the fence of connected. Now, how you deal with angry dogs at that point might preclude you staying there very long.

With networks it isn’t just what and how, it is why!


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