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I have talked about and shared about the Bloomsky weather station for a long time. First off, their device application is amazing. I am updating my review of the product because they released a new version of the software. The new version allows you to share your weather station with other people via email The cool thing about the amazing Bloomsky is the creation of Time-lapse video or as I call, Yesterday’s Weather.

You can also view my station’s time-lapse video directly via this link. Of course, I am still posting the time-lapse video on my Youtube channel (as well as another fun videos I have found, use and best of all have personally taken!). I call my Youtube Channel Yesterday’s Weather. My joke or jab at weather forecasting is that when you are predicting yesterday’s weather, you are never wrong! I have published more than 300 time-lapse videos and in all those posts have correctly predicted the weather 100% of the time. The advantage of sharing yesterday’s weather is that it is hard to get it wrong! if you are interested in adding a home weather station and joining the Micro-weather revolution. Bloomsky is a fun product that comes in two parts. The Sky looks upward and takes time-lapse video. The storm measures wind, rain and wind direction. Now you can share your weather with everyone. The software (iPhone, Tablets or Android) is also very nice. I use the software all the time. As they continue to add additional features to the overall solution, I will post more reviews.

Micro-weather is the concept of making sure you know what the weather is, near you, with you and ahead of you!


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  1. I missed your comment – sorry about that. I end up way behind on comments. Your attitude is the right one. It is impossible to influence someone else, but you have to do what is critical for you.

    Thanks as always for posting and sharing!


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