Technology that is upcoming and in my eyes game changing!

(image from the Jibo Kickstarter Campain main page).

People often ask me what I see coming that I believe will be a game-changing technology. I share that from time to time, and today represents one of those times. First of all the world of convenience robotics is exploding. Jibo is a product that I have talked about many times (it is also a product that will be shipping this fall). As a backer of the original crowd funding project, it is a truly exciting implementation of technology. Jibo can interact with children but also with aging parents. You can put Jibo in your remote parents home and interact with them, at the same time being able to set up pill reminders and other interactive conversations.

Keecker is another crowdfunding project that is coming this fall. Keecker is the first home pod, a mobile entertainment and interaction system. From a home user perspective, it will be nice to have Keecker on the main level to call to the kitchen to play music or to show on the wall in front of me the recipe I am trying to follow. There is something about having text on a 100-inch screen that just makes it so much easier to read!

The last technology that is shipping that I believe is a game changer is the Bixby. This company has designed a water jet for humans to use. Not just holding the Bixby but also attaching it to your kayak or Canoe. Using the Bixpy as a propulsion system in water will be a game changer for many people. Including, by the by, me! The two technology impacts of course in this space go beyond simply being game changers. They are creating a new market. Plus, they add to the success of Crowdfunding platforms.


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