Of ROV’s, drones and acceptable selifes :-)

What can I see?

One of the first ROV’s I got was the Brookstone ROV. The original had tank treads that you could drive remotely with your cell phone or tablet. The new one, called the rover is a little more flexible. Both of them allowed you to send the device into a remote room and return video from that remote location. You could also use the microphone on the device to listen to what was being said at that remote location. I still have the device in the basement of the house. I do from time to time light it up and send it out to see what it can see in our basement.

The world of what you can see is expanding. The first expansion was the explosion over the last two years of the drone market. No, I have not accepted the right of a selfie drone to buzz me yet, but drones are everywhere. The product that intrigues me or the classification within the drone space that I think is the future growth area is that of modular drones. Modular drones allow you to have more than just a camera with your drone. If technology changes (360-degree cameras are coming soon) you simply by the mount and away you go. Aguadrone is a product in the space that starts out with two modules now, sonar and camera both of which are waterproof as is the drone itself!

Finally, we get to the last remote operated vehicle delivering video and images back to you. That being the world of ROVs. Vehicles designed to go where humans require special equipment to go to, underwater. 300 feet or so for many of them. The professional quality ROV’s go well beyond 300 feet. But for a hobbyist interested in what is at the bottom of the lake they like to hang out on, 300 feet is plenty. All of these devices allow you to record video on your mobile device. The only selfie I would approve is an ROV selfie, 200 feet underwater!


What do you think?


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  1. When I was a kid the word ‘Drone’ was your mother’s voice telling you what you did wrong, or my schoolteacher or the preacher at Sunday school, even my sister incessantly chatting on the ‘phone for hours, (a proper ‘phone with curly wires), she sat at the base of the staircase and I had to clamber over her to get past.
    I guess things have changed a bit since then 🙂


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