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Opera VPN – Change your virtual location for free on your mobile

VPN full name is Virtual Private Network. Opera VPN is the software using which you can change the virtual location of your phone during the surfing. It is kind of surfing without getting tracked by someone. So it will help you to have secure connection and it will make sure your privacy too with that.

Normally VPN software are not free. Most of the software are paid one or they offer limited surfing bandwidth plus they may be not that reliable. But Opera is giving unlimited access of bandwidth for free. Plus opera is quite known company so we can trust them too.

What is the benefit?

Well, normally other VPNs software or proxy IPs are quite slow in speed for surfing. But Opera VPN gives you really good and fastest experience. They are having 5 region areas from which you can choose any region and access the internet with that area’s ip address.

Another benefit is that you can access the country restricted websites too. So you can take advantage of those kinds of sites too. Let me tell you they don’t support any illegal activities so you will not able to access sites kind of torrent. You may not able to download them using this VPN.

So this is it. Mostly all people are surfing on internet without any protection. So now you guys are having option to have secure connection with this free VPN application. Have fun.


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