Online Friend… Part 1

There’s danger in making online friends. I’m not delving into the world of criminals, scammers and the like. I talking about meeting someone you know.  Someone you know well.

You are communicating with a name and an image which might not be the name and the image you know. You might even fall in love with, that name and image you met during your haunt of cyberspace. Love that Avatar, and that Avatar might love your Avatar.

At least love what you’ve shared; sans age and all the other ‘reality’ baggage. I am not talking about dating sites or Facebook where the point is to meet people you can fall in love with. I am talking about participating in an online forum about something. Whether politics, or music or in my case, scifi. A Message Board of many threads, lots of ideas, lots of arguments, lots of Avatars.

What do you think?

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