NetKing Lost His Brain – Part IV

As time passed, and people moved away, communication online replaced eye to eye.

Where most conversations were open and easy, NetKing tended to spew political rubbish, supporting people that others found abhorrent.

Most of the crew who had been in HackaStan simply stopped corresponding with him. Most ignored him, and soon enough he no longer figured in their contemplation.

This was hard, because for years before he married Gert, NetKing had been a popular fellow, invited, included, consulted,  the centre of the group.

Now, no one, save Worf and Airdog communicated with him, and Airdog had cut NetKing loose.

Worf found what NetKing posted, primarily on Facebook, pukable. Absolute rubbish. Worf appreciated that NetKing was merely an outlet for Gert’s problems with herself.

And she had a lot of problems with herself.

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Written by jaylar

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