Of ideas and the bandwidth to test them!

I have been working on an idea for an implementation of technology that is new for me. In part because I am a geek, in part because that is what I love to do with my spare time. I spend a lot of time reworking my home network, that isn’t as much fun. That is more out of trying to keep the network functional. With six adults living in the house right now, of whom four are avid gamers, there are a lot of packets coming into and out of my home network.

Add to that an IoT/Edge person, and suddenly you see bandwidth is like a good scotch. You sip it, not gulp it. Sadly games, IoT devices, smart appliances and work computers like to gulp not sip. They like to suck down massive amounts of whatever information they need, quickly. That is why I use the find box, which allows me to shut off the interest connection of any one (10 or 1000 if I had that many) devices.

Fingbox, by the by, also tells you what people are doing on the internet. Not spying and forcing people away from what they want to do. Rather informs you of the categories and risks the users are considering. You see the internet to quote the twins is a den of inequity. They say that and then wonder why I give them a quizzical look. If it is so bad, I think to myself, why the heck do you spend so much time online?

The information will arrive soon. It will slip into the world one night, and suddenly be there. For now, it is still far away sipping scotch and waiting for the rest of us!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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