In addition to the obstacles in commenting as I have posted as a poll a few days ago, I also often experience this, lately!

Sometimes even not enough by simply clicking the box “I’m not a robot”, I still have to do the verification.

This problem not only happens when first entered Virily but also almost every time after opening notice, after reply comments, and others.

If talking about to clear cache, I always do it, including clear history and others with CCleaner app. Besides me, is there any other friend who experienced something like I experienced?


What do you think?


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  1. Yes, I have this happen to me, but not when I am on Virily. I may be entering some other site. It is funny to ask if someone is a robot. What if someone has trouble seeing and puts down the wrong answer? I guess they are a robot lol. It is frustrating!

    • Thank you for your response, LaJenna. If it happens on other sites I understand, but if in Virily and especially when we have already login then have to do this any time open another page or refresh a page (for example after marking the notification as “read”), then this feels quite disturbing.

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