NetKing Lost His Brain – Part VII

Worf wrote to Airdog;

“I never blocked NetKing so he saw the posts we made, and remarked. I told him that no one can see what he posted, cause he’s blocked by everyone but me.”

Airdog wrote back;

“Who cares?”

He, as Blade, as Spiral as the others, had written a rather excoriating set of remarks about NetKing and his ‘Owner’, his wife.   His wife who twisted and controlled the thoughts of a once intelligent friend.

Worf pondered if it would make any difference now that NetKing saw what his friends, his once friends, thought of him.  His once friends who claimed that NetKing was gone and should be forgotten.

And they decided to stop keeping him ‘alive’ in posts.

Worf shrugged.  He had tried.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar