Positiveness of Monday

In fact, I had more communication this week than when I was able to meet everyone in cafes, restaurants, guests, and on the streets. And I read a lot of books, watched a lot of good documentary and films. 

From the side, it may seem like my life is full of events, works, and people, but the real thing is, I always lived in quarantine. And life was self-driven, quality, and became specially balanced when I realized that its driving force is a sense of humor – such a light filter you sift all events and people through and then digest.

It became easier when I realized that there are people who have a filter too, just in another way – they filter all the lightness of life and reserve the luxury of complaining and whine. There is nothing wrong with that. I always can avoid them. Avoiding angry discussions works like chamomile tea, only the effect is lasting.

Also, less communication, “social capital” and connections often mean the quality of life! And one or two great, time-tested people next to you definitely deserve more of our attention, which we shed on all kinds of virtual connections that usually do not tie anything.

All authority is also deceptive. Therefore, less communication can mean a better life. I’m just saying that lockdown can be a good filter too.

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