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My Views on Virily's New Look and How to Get Around-Part 1

Obviously, everyone has noticed the obvious changes in Virily. I was using my phone when I first opened the site with its new look. Usually, I would create my posts using my phone since I use my phones to take and edit my photos most of the time.

I know there are lots of posts and discussions about Virily’s new look going around. Some say good things about the new looks some say about the glitches and other difficulties they encountered.

In this part, I will show describe to you some of the obvious and not so obvious changes that I have observed and you may have already observed as well… (Ok… although they are that obvious, I will post them anyway) with my remarks on the changes.

1. The Landing Page (Pre-login)

The pre-login page is probably ignored by most of the existing members. But as you can see, the screen is filled with a couple of ads. Obviously, this site earns its income from these ads, but I don’t think this makes the site attractive to non-members.

2. Home Page

The Home Page is now much cleaner and more professional looking.  A huge plus of this new look.If I remember it right, there was a huge gap between the title and the content in the old layout. 

The links to the account and setting pages are now on the right side-bar. This gives more room for the content links on the content-area.

3. Profile Link Button (Upper Right)

The pull-down menu on the profile link button (on the upper right hand of the screen) is slightly different than before.

You can now see the number of Virils that you have earned right under your user name. I was hoping that the number is updated in real-time, unfortunately, it is not.  But when you click on it, you will be sent to your Virils Notification Page (which I will discuss on Number 5).

4. Notification Page

Like the rest of the site, the Notification Page has a cleaner look. Another thing that is obviously noticeable is the number of notifications has been cut down drastically. Initially, I thought the system deleted old notifications. But when I look at the last page of the notifications, the old messages are still there.

 However, I no longer see the notifications about the Virils that I have earned. That’s when I realized that they were transferred to the new Virils Notification Page

5. Virils Notification Page

The Virils Notification Page is now a separate page that shows the Virils earned from your activities and from the interactions by the other members. The advantage that I can see in this is, users can now easily count the Virils they earned for the day.

My Remarks On These Changes

There are other noticeable changes that I have not covered in this post. I will cover them on the next installment of this series. 

  • Overall the new look is much cleaner. All the white space helps to set focus on the content. 
  • Fewer ads – I’m not sure if this is good or bad. Advertisement is the main source of income for this site. But too much ad could be distracting. Probably this is only temporary. Unless virily has other sources of income…
  • Viril count. Virils is the reward points for the activities of the members. Seeing the points is one way of motivating the members to post more and interact more. Since it is already displayed on the Profile Link -submenu, I think it would more encouraging to show an updated daily viril count. If not, I suggest remove the number of virils from the link and simply say “Virils“.
  • Viril and Notification Pages links. As of the time of writing, there is no link between the Notification and the Viril Pages. I don’t think it would so much to do if they add the links between.

This is for now. I will post more of my observations and suggestions in the coming days.

Credits:  Image by Tumisu from Pixabay 


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