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My List of Top 5 Tweets for Week of October 27, 2019

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My List of Top 5 Tweets for Week of October 20, 2019

This week’s focus is tweets that have popular hashtags or words or Twitter handles that begin with the letter “V”. 

#1 ♦ My obvious first choice for the letter “V” was Virily

I reviewed social shares by members and picked a really nice one.  Members should not only share their posts via social media, but they should follow Virily on Twitter to show support.

#2 ♦ My second choice is also a Virily post but the hashtag is for #veep

In America, “veep” is short for vice-president.

#3 ♦ Any Alfred Hitcock fan loves the movie “Vertigo”

I am a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan and the movie “Vertigo” is one of his most memorable films.  One of the fun things I also enjoy is learning bits of trivia about movies.  Did you know how the Vertigo effect was created?  Interesting tweet huh?

~ Alfred Hitchcock: Master of Suspense

#4 ♦ Any fans of #ViggoMortensen?

A belated birthday shout-out to Viggo Mortensen; born October 20, 1958.  As I said, I love to learn trivia.  Not just about movies but also celebrities.  Most people know Viggo Mortensen because he's the king in “Lord of the Rings”.  But did you know that some consider Mr. Mortensen a Renaissance man?  It's true!  'The Road's' Viggo Mortensen: Modern-Day Renaissance Man - ABC News

#5 ♦ Vandie is not a common name (i.e. not in the USA) so I wondered if …

I don't keep up with sports anywhere, in America or around the world.  Now I find out there is such a thing as “esports” or electronic sports which are popular competition sports that use video games.  (What else don't I know about living in this world?)  It turns out there is a freelance esports commentator, host, and interviewer, based in Australia, who goes by the name Vandie.  

I don't know much about video games.  When I want to know something I ask my kids.  Two things I do like about video games are the art and the music.  So letter "V" for this post could also be for video games.

Why did I search for Vandie, instead of video games?  Vandie happens to be my middle name.  Just a little trivia about me.  LOL.

Hope you enjoyed these tweets.

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