As we move along, change can impact us. But there are changes we need desperately!!!

Key the lights. Focus on what you see. Now move that to the right. Not your right sorry, my right. Now look again is it the same? That is the magic of change. Even small changes in the world around us can trigger a reaction. Large changes can cause panic. But the other side of the change wheel is we sometimes don’t even notice a change has happened. I am invoking a new form of change management that I call Change Ninja. You don’t even know, such as in my opening statement that in fact, the change has occurred.

Plug and play were what, once upon a time was offered with Windows 95. Plug any device in, and the computer will know what it is, will download the drivers and make the device operational. That started to work in Windows 7 and to a degree in Windows XP. A slow change over time. In part because the device manufacturers didn’t play by the rules and in part because it takes the time to implement small change. Now though, You can pretty much plug in any device, and you are good to go!

If you don’t notice a change then did it happen?

That subtle shift of functionality, the ability to create move and ultimately plug any device in is a huge change driver. Change is always around us. We only hate it, when it directly impacts us!

One of the changes we do need to make, however, is the functionality, integration, and implementation of hardware and software integration for those who cannot use a computer the way other people do. They are fully capable of interacting with the computer; they just need alternative data entry and data management technology. That change needs to be abrupt, fast and yet have no impact on the users!

Let’s move to a more enabled world!


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  1. Love the scientific breakdown of “change”. I tend to be bitter when I have to change my typical routines that stem from others; often tricking my mind thinking of the good side of it. I experience change often, but I “just do it” when it is I making the change.


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