How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 27

As mentioned before, slow moderation is a disaster to health of a writing site. Writers cease to publish ‘topical’ items on the site because by the time the item is published, it is old news.

Sites which are proactive will often separate their writers into batches.

The veteran contributor whose work is good is exempted from moderation. They publish immediately and their items might be read by the Mod or owner on an irregular basis to ensure the quality level remains.

The middle ranked, that is newbies and those whose grammar / spelling is not up to standard continue under the regime.

Those whose writing is of poor quality will be subject to A.I. to pick up the spelling/grammar and dump them into the ‘pending’ tray.

In this way, the site can insure that they are publishing the best and the writer need not avoid the topical, (and often extremely popular) items due to the delay.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar