How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – Part 21

Years ago, when Factoidz was going down the tubes, the Shills would target a good writer. They would post nasty comments, striving to obtain a response.

The writer who read that nasty comment, and answered it, would be punished. Punished as if s/he was at fault.

The punishment was to be dropped to ‘writer’ then to ‘member’ so that their work could be stolen. This work would earn money which went into the Owner’s pocket.

The writer couldn’t get on to delete his or her articles.

The writer was locked out because of the response they made to that nasty attack.

Having experienced the ‘tongue pulling’ at Factoidz, I knew better than to fall for it on Tuetego. As soon as I got the nasty comment, I knew what was happening.

I removed all my articles, save the last two and ceased to publish.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar