How To Protect Yourself on Facebook (and other social media) – 6

It is not that difficult to protect yourself.

As with any site on the Internet you share as  little as possible. You use nicknames and diversionary tactics. People who know you, that is people you can have coffee with, that is one branch, those you only know online, which is probably a much larger number, be careful with.

Firstly, get all those images off Facebook NOW. And if you need to belong to Facebook, join in a Nick Name and admit nothing about yourself save in the most general way.

Get an email address under another identity. Use that on your new Facebook page. For example, go to one of the free mail servers, and create an account. Use a name which could be male or female and if you don’t have to reveal your sex, don’t.

When it comes to address, make it up or be general; i.e. London, England.

Join Facebook with that Nick. Tell your friends your new nick. Remember, when you share with your friend, it is shared with their friends and friends of their friends. For example; a friend posts an item about Trump. People respond to it. You see it, you respond to it, those people you don’t know who respond to it see you, and respond to you…

When the Nick is not YOU…

Further, when people you don’t know who ask questions…”Where do you live?”  “Earth.”

Do not expose yourself.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar