How To Protect Yourself on Facebook (and other Social Media) 5

One of the most popular crimes is basically burglary. The potential burgler knows when the family is going on vacation. He knows everything, even what is in the house and how to get into the house.

He arrives, breaks in, takes what he wants, leaves and goes away far away.

How did he get the information?

Burglar has portrayed an old lady who lives in a home in city far away. He’s seen the images of the car the family, drives, the house they live in, it’s all on…yup….Facebook.

He knows the city in which the family lives because in a roundabout way he’s found it out. He has also gotten the license plate of the car. He knows who owns it.

As an old lady, he has described various vacations she was on when she was younger to provoke,  “Oh yeah, we’re going to take that cruise in April.”

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Written by jaylar