How To Protect Yourself on Facebook and Other Social Media – 4

You want to know the dangers of too much truth? Buckle Up.

A happy mother of three posted images of her family, standing in front of a particular school where they were enrolled. Where did she post it?

Yup, Facebook.

A Pederast saw the images, and pretending to be a happy mother of two, got her to discuss the school and various times and places and dates, claiming that she was thinking of moving to that city but was concerned about schooling for her children.


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You know how this story goes, you know that one of these children is going to be abducted. Maybe the big one when she goes two blocks down for her ballet class. Or is it the middle one who stays late on Tuesday for swimming class? Or maybe the little one who is going on a class trip to the zoo.

All of this could have been avoided if the mother of those three children had not been so open and forthcoming.


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Written by jaylar