How To Protect Yourself on Facebook (and other Social Media) – 2

When you create that Nickname and new Identity, with some esoteric email, and some image that is not you, it strikes like lightening;  how easy it is  to join a site, and create a false entity.

You are doing it to protect yourself, not to trick others, but many people do it for the negative. The woman of 42 who uses a photo of a 19 year old beauty, the fat guy of 53 who uses that image of a male model.

You think you’re talking to an Undergrad at Miami Dade, but you’re really communicating with a 59 year old predatory.


Of course this is tame compared to the 53 year old pederast who has joined a kiddie site, searching  for victims. And, the Nigerian scammer who has joined a dating site as ‘Scott Grant’ to find American women he can rip off.

When you join a site using a Nick, and add image that is not you, it is going to be much harder to steal your ‘information’ or play you.

The best Nicks are those which are androgynous so that no one knows if you are woman or a man, if you come from Kenya or Kentucky.

Join anything you want with a Nick Name, an image, and keep it as vague as possible.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar