How To Protect Yourself From Writing Sites Which Don’t Pay (or Pay Badly) – 3

In a Previous article I mentioned what happens when you write an article for a site like Hubpages, and after all that work, from your basic spelling, grammar, flow, to splitting your prose into sections, to selecting images of a particular size or significance to set off each section, after all this, your thousand plus word article is up for a few days, then ‘non-featured’ meaning you are supposed to come back and ‘fix’ it.

After you’ve been on Hubpages for a few months you realise that going back to ‘fix’ it is a waste of time as Hubpages doesn’t pay.

For all the work you do it pays LESS than Mylot, where one sentence can earn ten times what a thousand word Hubpage article, all dolled up with images, does.

However, the use of Hubpages is NOT in the earnings. The use of Hubpages is Storage.


Use Hubpages for Storage. Write items, post them on Hubpages.  If you make 1c cool, if you make 0 cents… well you aren’t paying for Storage.

What is so good about Storage?

When (not if) your computer dies, or program crashes, or any of the myriad quirks which take items you’ve worked on and swallows them whole, you don’t lose your work.

It is right there on Hubpages.

What do you think?

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    • Hubpages pays very badly. They pay less for a 1k item full of images than mylot pays for two sentences. Making 1c a month is standard for Hubpages. People always try to rope in suckers by making claims of $600 or so.

        • Because you post there, and when you are at work or another computer, you can work on your article.

          Sometimes it can become an ebook, sometimes you can post shards of it on a new site to test if it pays or not. For example, when Bubblews went down, I lost nothing, because everything on the Bub was a piece of an item on Hubpages. When I joined Niume, I could post something there from Hubpages. When Niume went down, I still had my work on Hubpages…

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