How Shills Expose Themselves

Imagine you shop at this supermarket. You like it. They treat you very well, usually have what you want. It’s fine. Some one asks you about it.

As an honest person, an average honest person who happens to shop there, you’ll say something like;

“I can’t complain,”  or “They’re very nice to me,”  or “It’s okay.”

Imagine you own that supermarket, or are paid to bring customers into that supermarket. Someone, who doesn’t know your connection asks you about it.

As a person whose pocket is connected to that supermarket; “Oh it’s Great! It is the Best Supermarket in the District!”

You see the difference?

I was at another site mentioning something called ‘Bitlanders’ (which I am NOT recommending). I was speaking about the nasty comments that I saw in their side panel.

Most people mentioned that they didn’t know about the site, or joined but can’t make heads or tails of it, the usual responses one expects from people who have no financial connection to the site.

One character came on and made three different comments, in virtually as many minutes, hailing the site, promoting it, hysterically in support of it.

I wrote another article, directing readers to the Bitlanders item as a kind of A B C on how to recognise Shills.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


  1. social network sites are filled with shills, who are paid to harass others who are against a particular agenda. the shills are the ones who create fake news, stating this fake news is truth, and the call truthers information the fake news.