How Online Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 1

Over the years many writing sites, good sites, have collapsed. Some just disappeared, others warned of their imminent closure. Some ceased to pay, some continue to plod along used more for ‘storage’ than enlightenment.

There isn’t just one error. There are a number of errors sites make. Some may make a few but they aren’t fatal. Some are fatal.

Having participated in online writing for over a decade I’ve seen sites come and go. Some were very good, some were trash.

Some could of or should of continued and would have if they changed a policy, but didn’t. Others were just born bad and spiraled down the drain.

In the coming articles I will go over the mistakes sites make, mistakes that can be corrected. Some are simple, some a bit complex.

But all the errors have caused sites to decline and eventually, dissipate.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


    • Virily has two major flaws.

      The first is intensely slow moderation. During the weekends there are no moderators. This means that were you to have a topical item you wanted to publish, Not here.

      The second is the deceptive earning.

      When site A places your earnings in the top right hand corner, so you have earned 55c and post and comment, and now it is at 58c it is much more encouraging than Virily with it’s imaginary ‘virils’ the value of which is manipulated every month to avoid paying.

      • I totally agree when you talk about the virils which are arbitrarily assigned a monetary number. Why not give a simple money number, I will never understand why some site including Virility do that. As for moderation, I have to admit I have not had any problem so far.

        • I have my articles sit from Friday to Monday because my Mod takes a weekend. Every week end. So you know that when I have a ‘hot’ topic to write about, I go elsewhere.

          They get to play with your earnings by juggling the ‘virils’ so that you reach $9.38 and sit there for the month so they don’ t have to pay.