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“Grandma Bear”

“Grandma Bear”

The engine was build in 1931 in Poland locomotive factory “H. CEGIELSKI – POZNAN ” specially for Bulgarian railways.

Serial number: 203, type: Tt 1-6-2.

And after 48 years of silence, the “Grandma Bear” is back to life.

The steam locomotive of the 46.03 series is the most powerful in Europe, and its colossal system with the formula 1-6-2, designed by Bulgarian engineers, is unique to the world. That’s where the name Baba Metsa comes – because of the huge size and the strong thrust. The 150 tonne body exercises 90 tons of braking power.

It is produced solely for Bulgaria. There are 20 locomotives to our railroads to ride heavy trains in heavy sections. The locomotive is basically a heavy train. He wore coal wagons from Pernik to Sofia and back through Vladaya. There, the slope is very large and requires great strength.


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Written by Georgi Tsachev