Gollum asked “what’s it got in its Pocketesss'”

My first swiss army knife was purchased in 1971 in the duty-free store of the Shannon Ireland International airport. It was back in the day when no one thought anything of someone having a swiss army knife on the airplane. I was proud of that knife (I still have it). When we were in France, that knife was our primary snack dinner companion and also the only wine and pop can opener we had. I used that knife all the time for the next 20 years.

With what changed in 2001, I stopped carrying a knife in my pocket. I was often in the air, and frankly, now people discouraged you from having a knife in your pocket. So I stopped carrying one with me. But I still love Swiss army knives. I switched to swiss army knife devices as a friend once called them. Cellular phones that did a little bit of everything, not much well, but they did a lot of things. My how that has changed. Now the phones dod just about everything they used to do decently, very well. Plus the reality is you can do so much more now than you ever could back in the day. GPS functionality, mapping functionality, 3d cameras, infra-red cameras and other devices expand your phone’s ability to interact with you and by extension the world.

That I why, I love technology. The very evolution that we are all a part of. The change over time that reveals more and more. What once was a swiss army knife is now an appendage. I don’t remember the last time I left the house without my phone. Or for that matter didn’t have my phone near me in the house. In part, I give up a piece of my freedom by carrying my phone. But the connection and what I can do now makes it worth it to me.

Plus if I get bored I can always carve something with my 46-year-old Swiss Army knife. The only thing it no longer has is a pocket holder that isn’t bent. The rest of the knife is still in perfect working condition! I wonder if my phone will still be working in 40 years.

The original is the second from the left. Yes, I do collect Swiss Army Knives.

  1. I often had a pocket knife of some description. Used to play several games at school with them, nothing too dangerous and no one, ever threatened another with one.
    I think the worlds slowly going mad… but that’s another story altogether!



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