Droning on about Drones again…

I have spent a lot of time talking about Drones and the impact they do and will have on our world over the past few months. A lot more, I realized today than I had realized in the past.

I am sharing a link to my podcast for today, a vocal droning about drones as it were. I thought I would also share some other links to drone articles as well. There are some topics I have hit recently that I think are of broader community interest.

  1. Drone Governance
  2. Metal detection Drones
  3. Selfie Drones

It is something that amuses me overall. The reality of Drones is they are here now. The new reality is that what is coming is way more than what is here. Today is wandering around a park you may see one or two selfie drones (if it is a huge park). That market is going to explode! I suspect eventually you will see drones as swarms following people around.

The future is an interesting problem in the Drone space.

What do you think?

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