Don’t Get Lost: 7 Secure Ways to Backup Your Data Before Moving to the Cloud

The world of technology is evolving fast which had brought ease and comfort to our daily lives. With the birth of mobile phones, social media, and other forms of technological discoveries comes to the most significant invention which is the internet and computers.

All business nowadays are using computers and the internet to make their enterprise more updated and profitable. Most of these businesses especially large-scale enterprises are using cloud technologies which makes their database workable and efficient.

In line with this many IT experts are updating their cloud technology from time to time. Thus the need and knowledge of restoring data and server when migrating to an updated cloud server should be considered. Here are the things that you may find helpful so your files won’t go wrong.

SaaS Coverage

Most of the cloud providers do an incredible job of protecting data from any errors that might occur. They have excellent levels of backup systems that help every software and hardware failure.

On the other hand, there are uncontrollable circumstances where backup servers can’t help saving data especially if it’s accidental and malicious occurrence. It is a common mistake that SaaS users are committing.

So, it is always better that you have to understand what are the things that your SaaS can and can’t cover. It may sound simple when you already know about IT stuff, but understanding entirely what it is for and its coverage, then you’ll have no fear of losing all your permanent data.

Third-Party Solution 

Backup providers are necessary and are vital that you need to consider. Choosing the right and best third-party solution is required. When doing it, you only not need to look what’s best, but you also need to make sure that your provider can commit to their service.

You have to create transparency between you and your vendor. You may look for different backup solutions provider on the website or from IT experts that you may know so that you can evaluate them thoroughly and won’t go wrong.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

SaaS loss can’t just be blamed with poor backup servers and failure of third-party enterprise solutions, but the human error always causes it. In this case, you have to be fully equipped with knowledge and training to avoid SaaS losses and data corruption.

Regardless of how much you have trained accidental loss still happens. With this, you always need to get an acceptable backup solution you put in place in case loss of data accidents occur.

Data Access Policies

One of the advantages of having a cloud application is that it allows you and your team members to access data conveniently. In the same manner that your team members can access your data, it creates more risks of being corrupted.

In this case, you need to accurately establish security and make sure that access given is for files that you allow. Roles of SaaS should be managed carefully and permissions to access granted efficiently.

Backup Automation

You always have two options when you back up your data, and these are manual and auto. Both of these backups usually give out problems because manual backup takes time while an automatic backup is forgotten all the time.

It is the main reason why you have to automate backups to make sure that everything is on the run.

Restoration Testing

Testing the restoration of your cloud technology is also essential. The main point is it allows you to check how long it takes to recover from losing data if it happened. In this case, you can directly plan for alternatives of a proper restoration.

Furthermore, it helps in checking the impact of human error occurred in any accidental and intentional file and data deletion. It also helps in making sure that every person using your cloud technology are using it with care which eliminates unintentional data loss.

Admin Intervention

Most IT professionals believe in their skill, and when a problem arises, they try to fix it on their own. When a problem occurs during the process of updating your cloud technology, and there’s nothing else you can do, make sure to ask for help from the admins of your cloud technology.

Allowing them to perform the recovery and backup tasks will help you save resources such as time, money and effort. It’s always a perfect idea for you and the application owners to work together to make everything more flexible.


Going away with traditional restoration and backing up of data to cloud technology is an exciting part of enterprise backup solutions. When you do this process, you also have to be very careful because no matter how reliable your cloud technology is, it remains to be your responsibility.

Moreover, you always need to do your homework in understanding how cloud technology and the backup system works. Along with your research and application if the tips mentioned above, surely your data and information are safer than what you think.

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  1. Presently every information technology business is done online. So keeping your online data safe and secure is very necessary. Cloud service is very effective to keep a backup of your files but it is still preferable to use software tools to recover data if gets corrupted or lost. Hard drive data recovery should also be considered, as defects in hardware of any device can also lead to data loss.

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