Cool Tech Review Jabra Evovle 80

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Overall Rating                 9

Compelling upgrade?     Yes

Number owned                More than 20 over the years (first VOIP Jabra Headset)

Headsets are interesting. The first headsets were wired, then we moved to wireless and now we have a mix. Headsets have two distinct purposes, one is to be a connection to your device for entertainment and the other is to connect to your device for VOIP (Voice over IP) functionality.

Today you can finally get a VOIP headset from Jabra that includes noise canceling on both ends. The Evolve series of headsets.

Now we can argue wired versus wireless for the rest of eternity. They both have value, and they both have issues. In the case of the Jabra Evolve 80 I went with a USB wired headset. My rationale for that was the nature of the calls I take on my computer (conference calls, webinars and so on). I am always sitting in one place during the call so having a wired headset was a plus.

1. The noise canceling abilities of the Jabra Evolve, amazing. The noise that once bugged the heck out of me during conference calls – gone.

2. Comfort, headsets sometimes have comfort issues. I got used to the BOSE noise canceling headsets when I traveled a lot. I need headsets that are comfortable. Jabra fits the bill!

3. Noise canceling really has to be noise canceling. When I put on my Parrot Noise Cancelling headsets on a plane I don’t want to hear the plane. When I put on my noise canceling Jabra to take or place a call, I do not want to hear outside noise. Awesome job, the Jabra is like being in an insulated phone booth!

Overall these are excellent headsets. I like the USB connection for the headsets overall. I already had a set of wireless headsets (Parrot) but needed a set for making calls. You can’t go wrong with the new Evolve series from Jabra!


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