Connect your PC to your TV, is easier than plugging into the back of the TV!

Many years ago in Cincinnati Ohio we had two TV’s in our house. One was a 48-inch reprojection TV in our family/playroom. The other was a larger 60 inch TV in our home theater. Well, it was supposed to be a living room, but we made it into a home theater. I truly do not miss the old wired speakers that we had in that home theater all those years ago. We had wires running all over the room that was buried under the carpet along the edge of the walls. The sound was OK, but honestly the sound you get from the wireless speakers today

The concept of television becomes interesting then to now. The images quality from the SD days compared to now, the HD days is incredible. Speakers that I have talked about before have also improved. The funny thing is that content hasn’t changed. It has, however, expanded significantly. I would love to say the expansion of media has created more good content, but I think the good content is a constant, the bad content seems to be the part that increases.

Now your phone has a better screen than that long retired SD TV the kids used to watch. Most phones made in the past three years have near 4k displays. That old SD display on the kid’s TV wasn’t even anywhere near HD. Still, I miss that old TV. The reason for this is I read an article in one of the grounds I am an member of. The person talked about having the internet on your TV. It was a very simple article focused on displaying your computer on a TV. It only dove into the easy way (direct), but now you can do so much more. Samsung TV’s have integrated screen sharing. Chromecast and Microsoft TV allows you to connect to and share your screen. Apple TV and the Amazon FireTV also provide that service. Or you can get a Prijector, which will allow you to allow any device to connect to your TV or projector. The possibilities are endless now when it comes to displaying content where you want it!


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