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Chips in Minds!


I’m not talking about potato chips being placed inside of skulls.  This post is about brain implants.  New research has been completed in South Korea in which brain implants were used on mice for the purpose of “programmable wireless drug delivery and photostimulation.”

The wireless optofluidic brain probes were placed in mice in an attempt to cure drug addiction and depression.  The probes inside of the brain release medication that would immediately travel throughout the neural circuitry straight to the entire nerve system.

The amount of drugs and the time interval between the release of the drugs into the nervous system would be controlled by an app.

This type of science is tyrannical because one person could control everyone in the earth if that person forces everyone to have this implant placed inside of their brains.  Then, an app could then control the chemical makeup of all of the people around the world.

This scenario was actually predicted over 1,900 years ago when the leader of the final world empire would be able to control everyone by commanding the entire world to put a mark in their hand or in their head in order to promote world peace.

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