Belief Kills/Belief Cures – 19

The fact is that people are gullible. They are easily manipulated by any clever trickster who finds their interests or prejudices, (especially prejudices) and feeds them.

The article about the suicide of a popular actor was clearly false, yet caused no reaction. People read it, believed it, and it took time for them to realise it was a simple ‘spoof’.

The White House Insider had a huge following, no matter how ridiculous it got,  and when Triond went down, people refused to believe that from the first article to the last, it was pure invention.

The stories invented by the Macedonians which were splattered all over Facebook gained a huge following and absolute obeisance.  People believed the articles, in fact many still believe them, despite it being proven that they were written by a group of young men who never left Macedonia nor had access to any information.

The lesson has not been learned.

Every day there are all sorts of false claims for various ‘medicinal’ products which are valueless, even harmful in many cases, yet people part with bags of money for their ‘cures’.

The mentality is that if it is on the Internet it  must be true needs to be banished. It doesn’t need laws, restrictions, censorship. It simply needs for people to be less gullible more critical.

If you read something on a site that is found in no reputable publication, withhold acceptance. If you can do searches, check I.P. addresses, check the validity of the site, do so.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar