Belief Kill/Belief Cures – 17

The youths of Macedonia did not merely, as those on Triond create an item, and hope it went viral. They had the opportunity to network it on Facebook, and that is what they did.

They could easily garner 20 million hits a day for an item that provoked interest.

As it seemed so many people were gullible, lapping up any pro-Trump, anti-Clinton article, they were making a lot of money.

The money they made was beyond what they could possibly gain by having gainful employ.

The Macedonian who had $1,000.00 U.S. dollars had $50, 000 Dinars.  The minimum wage per month is about 240 Euros.

The Macedonians who got hits for their pro-Trump/anti-Clinton fabrications,  made 813 Euros a month if their item only gained One Million hits all told.

As their fabrications gained millions of hits, what they earned for one article was much more then they would for one year’s work at minimum wage.

It was the money which seduced them, the money and nothing more.


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