Belief Kills/Belief Cures – 10

The parameters of this experiment in Fake News were simple:

a) Post a false article and leave it where is/as is.

The point was to confirm that there was no checking of facts, no moderation, and as MN and Ulsterman expressed, they typed and they published.

Where MN had posted an article about the suicide of an actor; one who was very much alive, and Ulsterman had created the ‘White House Insider’;  capitalising on the hatred people had for the ‘Black Man’ in the ‘White House’

LM wrote about a minor actor ‘coming out’.  The item was false from first letter to last.

The choice of a minor actor was that it would not effect the non-existent career of said actor, (who had disappeared about eight years before the writing)  and was done simply to see how the public reacted.


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